Jesus Christ, people who don’t know shit shouldn’t talk!

*Rant, sorry.

I hate it when people say tie downs are garbage in the horse world. 
Fuck, anything is garbage if you use it the wrong way! Go tell Sherry Cervi she doesn’t know what she’s doing because she uses a tie down on her horse. I mean, the woman only has two fucking world championships under her belt!!! So she obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing.

My last barrel horse and my current barrel horse wear tie downs, but I know how to put them on a horse. I’m not that big of a fucking idiot. They work better with a tie down, and don’t go bashing barrel racers when english people use standing martingails (sp?) which is the exact same thing. 

And my buddie, wait no. A shit load of my buddies who train barrel horses for a living use tie downs, but then again what would Lance know he’s only an AQHA world champion barrel racer. Silly me.

Sorry everyone, just have to put my feelings out there. 


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